EVRTIP Deadline and Next Steps March 1st 2021


To:         TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Members
From:    TEAM Office
Date:     March 1, 2021
Re:        New and Noteworthy

The window for applying to the current EVRTIP package closes tomorrow (March 2nd) at 4:00 pm.  With March 9th stated as the targeted departure date in the package, we expect members will know the results of their application within a few days of the closing.  We understand some have already received notice of their approval.  

Should the specified number of reductions not be achieved through voluntary means, Bell has the option of pursuing layoffs to meet their numbers.  If Bell decides to layoff members, per Article 27 of our collective agreement, it must first meet with TEAM and “seriously discuss further ways to minimize or avert layoffs by reviewing issues such as redeployment opportunities, lateral transfer opportunities, vacancies, etc.”  After this meeting, if Bell continues to proceed with layoffs, it must provide notice to TEAM of the layoffs two weeks before it notifies the people who are being laid off.  During this two week period, TEAM will continue with efforts to prevent the layoffs; however, we cannot tell anyone that we have received layoff notice, nor can we advise anyone of who is to be laid off.  

While we certainly hope that Bell does not initiate layoffs, it is important that we have as much up to date information as possible on potential options for averting layoffs should we need to advocate for TEAM members to remain employed during this period,  To that end, please assist TEAM in tracking and monitoring the progress of this voluntary departure program by providing the following information (if applicable and you haven’t already done so):  

Members in targeted positions:  If you are in a targeted position and will be or have already applied for the EVRTIP, please click here and provide your name and position title. 

Additionally, for members in targeted positions who are concerned they may be laid off, to assist TEAM in advocating for your continued employment should the need arise, please click here to provide us with a copy of your resume and any additional information you believe may be helpful in averting a layoff.  

Members not in targeted positions:  If you are not in a targeted position, but have applied for the EVRTIP, please click here and provide your name, position title, and VP group. 

Thank you for participating.

TEAM-IFPTE Local 161
204-984-9470 or 1-877-984-9470

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