2010 Negotiations

2010-09-09TEAM Members Ratify Agreement with MTS Allstream Inc.
2010-08-31Reminder - Ratification Vote
2010-08-20Ratification Vote Update
2010-08-18Memorandum of Agreement
2010-08-09Tentative Agreement Reached
2010-07-29Termination of the Collective Agreement
2010-06-30Conciliation Report Clarification
2010-06-28Negotiations Update
2010-06-16Negotiations Update Meeting Presentation
2010-06-15Negotiations Update - Notice to Terminate CBA
2010-06-02Negotiations Update - Federal Mediation and Conciliation
2010-04-15Negotiations Update Meetings
2010-03-16Negotiations Update
2010-02-04Negotiations - Notice to Commence Collective Bargaining

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