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 Benefits of TEAM
2018-03-01Mileage and Per Diem Rates
2017-12-21Cochrane Saxberg Legal Assistance Program
2017-09-07TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Annual Scholarships
 TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 - 2011 Membership Survey Results
2011-07-14Please select the 3 items that are most important to you
2011-07-14Some employees should be union members
2011-07-14Generally, good union/management relations are important
2011-07-14TEAM should expand to include other Allstream employess outside Manitoba
2011-07-14TEAM understands my needs
2011-07-14A larger union better protects job security
2011-07-14TEAM understands the challenges I face in my job
2011-07-14I like that TEAM membership is limited to members in Manitoba
2011-07-14All employees should be union members
2011-07-14TEAM is responsive to my needs
2011-07-14Larger unions lose touch with members
2011-07-14During negotiations, TEAM negotiators focus on what is important to me
2011-07-14I get enough information to keep me up to date on union issues
2011-07-14TEAM has a good relationship with the employer
2011-07-14Overall, TEAM is well run