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TEAM Member Update
Telecommunications Employees Association of Manitoba
TEAM is continuing to work with the mediator to explore a number of avenues to reach a tentative collective agreement with the Company.
TEAM Unfair Labour Complaint of October 22, 2007
The Company has provided the Labour Board with a response to TEAM’s Unfair Labour Complaint. TEAM will respond on Monday November 26, 2007. The Canada Industrial Relations Board will then determine if a full hearing is necessary or if they can make a determination based on written evidence alone.
Pension Lawsuit
The Company was required to provide their Expert Opinion Report months before the start of the trial. Despite several extensions the Company has not filed the expert report, and has now sought out another expert. The judge in this matter felt that to proceed without this document would be unfair to the parties to the lawsuit and decreed that the trial be adjourned to September 2008 on terms. The union and retiree’s lawyer requested that a number of the retiree witnesses be heard as soon as possible, for reason of their progressing years. The judge is allowing two retiree witnesses to provide their evidence in January 2008 and will hear all evidentiary motions in late December/ early January. The unions and retirees are seeking compensation for preparation costs “thrown away” as a result of the Company failing to produce its expert report on time. TEAM’s lawyers will be urging the Court to order the Company to pay significant costs to the plaintiffs, who were in no way responsible for the adjournment of the trial.  
We would like to thank the membership for their feedback both directly and through the Communication Action Network. Your insight and patience following the membership vote is appreciated.