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TEAM Bargaining Communique

Telecommunications Employees Association of Manitoba


A message to the TEAM membership:

Yesterday your Communication Action Representatives met to discuss the most recent offer tabled by the Company. Over 80 leaders attended the meeting either in person or by conference call to go over the Company’s offer and discuss the next steps.

The CARs were provided with a summary of the Company’s offer. Bob Linsdell, your Chief Negotiator, highlighted the key areas where the Company had denied changes to the Collective Agreement or where the Company’s proposals fell far short of our expectations. The TEAM Bargaining Committee recommended the rejection of the Company’s last tabled offer. Your Bargaining Committee also recommended that the offer be put to the membership for a “NO” vote.

The CARs had a full and open discussion about the Company’s offer following the in-depth presentation. TEAM is currently working on further analysis of the offer that will be circulated to all members in the next few days.

Following the circulation of TEAM’s preliminary analysis of the Company’s offer, informational membership meetings will be held around the province. In the week or two following the membership meetings a vote will be held. This vote will solely be a vote on whether you accept or reject the Company’s offer. For example, “Do you accept the Company’s recent offer?”  This is not a strike vote and any suggestion otherwise is completely false. TEAM has stated repeatedly that we will not strike or hold a strike vote. Voting “NO” does not, in any way, give the Bargaining Committee a strike mandate. It only gives the Bargaining Committee the mandate to continue bargaining for a fair and equitable collective agreement.

In the next few days the preliminary analysis will be emailed to all members. In the coming days the dates and locations for the informational membership meetings will be set and details of the vote will be circulated.

Your TEAM Bargaining Committee