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About signing a petition

It is legal to sign a petition in and around the workplace, but there are some rules (see below).  Also, it is illegal for the company to interfere with your right to sign, or take any action against you if you do.

1.   All TEAM members have constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights and freedoms of thought, belief, opinion, expression, and association.

2.   As long as TEAM members exercise their freedom of expression in a manner that does not have a detrimental effect on entrepreneurial interests of MTS Allstream Inc., such as negative customer reaction, security, safety or another bona fide business consideration, a circulation of a petition is completely legal.

3.  TEAM members can legally circulate and sign a petition on company premises.

4.  However, TEAM members may not circulate or sign the petition during working hours.  This means that TEAM members can circulate and sign a petition before their shift commences, during their coffee break, during their lunch break, or after their shift ends.  This is so even if the member is being paid during such time.

MTS Allstream Inc. can not do the following:

1.  Refuse to employ or to continue to employ or suspend, transfer, lay-off or otherwise discriminate against any TEAM member with respect to employment, pay, or any other term or condition of employment;

2.  Intimidate, threaten or otherwise discipline any TEAM member;

3.  Impose any condition on any contract or employment that restrains, or has the effect of restraining, a TEAM member from exercising his / her legitimate right to sign and circulate a petition.

If MTS Allstream Inc. attempts to limit, stop, or discourage TEAM members in any manner from circulating or signing a TEAM petition (as long as TEAM members are acting within the rules) that member should contact his / her Union representative immediately with a view to taking appropriate legal action.

Read the full legal opinion of our lawyers: PDF File