TEAM Holiday Charity Collection 2019 Results pt. 2! December 21st 2019

On Saturday, December 21, 2019, TEAM Administrative Assistant, and holiday charity drive creator Kelly Pokorny, made a special delivery to Popcorns & Binkies Rescue Haven, to ensure that the items we collected got to the animals before Christmas. It was a race against Santa Paws himself, but TEAM made it in time. Kelly was able to deliver bags of Timothy Hay, hamster food, rabbit food, rat and mouse food, guinea pig food, small animal toys, and both a giant bag or shredded paper for bedding, and a giant bag of toilet paper and paper towel rolls. The rescue was very grateful to receive these much needed items, and as is always the case with Kelly, photo's were taken before they parted ways.

Thank you again to everyone that donated to this years holiday charity drive event. TEAM looks forward to helping again, next year!