New and Noteworthy October 4th 2019

To:         TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Members
From:     TEAM Office
Date:     October 4, 2019
Re:        New and Noteworthy

When will we receive our pay increase and retroactive pay?  The new pay rates came into effect for all members “on staff” as of September 20, 2019, retroactive to February 20, 2019.  Under normal circumstances the pay increase should show up in our bank accounts within a month of the vote.  However, Bell has advised that the increase and retro-payment will most likely be delayed beyond the October 18th payday.  We understand that the required system changes are taking longer than anticipated.  If we receive an update, we will let you know.

Will we receive a retroactive payment on our overtime?  No. The retroactive payment only applies to regular wages.

Will there be any deductions from the retroactive pay?  Yes. As this is a retroactive payment of regular wages, it will be subject to the same deductions as you currently see on your pay statement.

Why has the contribution to my DB Pension Plan increased?  Until your earnings for the year reach the level of the YMPE (Year's Maximum Pensionable Earnings), $57,400 in 2019, your pension contribution is 5.1% of your regular earnings.  Your contribution increases to 7.0% when your earnings exceed the YMPE – you will also see that there is no longer a deduction for the Canada Pension Plan.

The Canada Income Tax deduction has increased slightly, why is this?  There are numerous possible reasons for this, however, if you joined the Bell ESP (share ownership program) in September 2017, the Company purchased shares are now becoming available, and will do so every month going forward.  When these shares become available, they become part of your taxable income and the tax deduction is adjusted to reflect the estimated taxable value of the shares i.e. you pay more tax.  Refer to the Bell benefits online ESP guide, under the section “Tax considerations”, for a more comprehensive explanation. 

The new Collective Agreement language provides for greater certainty in terms of how Acting Appointments may be used in respect of Permanent Vacancies, and the      Company advises that the New Article 9 will increase the chances of Permanent Vacancies being filled, rather than left vacant, moving forward. 

Additionally, as a result of its failure to post Acting Appointments set to a duration of 12 months or longer, the Company has agreed to compensate TEAM members in the amount of $72,500. This award will be distributed evenly to members by way of a $100 cheque to each employee in TEAM’s jurisdiction as of the date of ratification of the new Collective Agreement wording (September 20, 2019).  We hope to commence distributing the cheques the week of October 21st.

October 22   -   Corydon/Osborne Area - Masonic Memorial Centre

October 23   -   Downtown Winnipeg - Fairmont Hotel

October 24   -   Brandon (location TBD) 

       All meetings will start at noon and lunch will be provided.

TEAM-IFPTE Local 161
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