TEAM Negotiations Update - Final Offer August 22nd 2019

To:         TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Members
From:     TEAM Office
Date:      August 22, 2019
Re:        Negotiations Update - Final Offer

Bell responded on Monday to TEAM’s last proposal with a Final Offer. 

We are very disappointed that considering the great results you have achieved over the past three years, Bell would not agree to a pay increase in line with other union agreements in Bell, or agree to increasing the VRTIP payments while maintaining limited layoff protections for TEAM members.

In addition to trying to make gains, our Negotiating Committee fought long and hard to successfully retain provisions in our Agreement where the Company wanted concessions. As noted in previous memos, Bell wanted to reduce our PLDs, remove all double-time overtime and shift differentials, and to transition from the current sick day accumulation model to Bell’s Short Term Disability policy, which in our view has some significant problems.

You will have the opportunity to vote on the Final Offer in early September.  In accordance with TEAM Bylaws, information meetings will be held prior to commencing the vote.  Meetings have been scheduled to take place in Winnipeg on September 9th and 11th, and in Brandon on September 10th.  The vote will be conducted via confidential electronic ballot.  Approval (ratification) will be by a simple majority of the votes cast.  Further information on the meetings and voting procedures will be provided in the near future.

The key changes to the Collective Agreement are as follows;

+1.5% retroactive to February 20, 2019

+1.5% effective February 20, 2020

+1.5% effective February 20, 2021

Maternity pay top-ups for members earning $60,000 and above have increased.

Members taking Parental Leave will now be eligible to receive top-ups.

Total top-up amounts for members taking Adoption Leave are reduced by approximately $600 to $1,600, depending on annual pay level.

Each of the above revisions will be explained in full at the information meetings and we will provide as much time as possible for members to ask questions.

TEAM-IFPTE Local 161
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