Update: Service Desk, Desktop Support, and Portal Support RFPs August 12th 2016

To:          TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Members
From:      TEAM Office
Date:       August 12, 2016
Re:          Update: Service Desk, Desktop Support, and Portal Support RFPs

On July 19th, over 65 members attended the meeting hosted by TEAM to discuss the potential outsourcing of work in Service Desk, Desktop Support, and Portal Support.  Drawing on feedback and suggestions from meeting participants and subsequent emails and phone calls, TEAM wrote MTS outlining a number of the concerns and requested to meet with senior management.

On Tuesday, August 9th, representatives from TEAM (Bob Linsdell, Wesley Emerson, and Erin Spencer) met with Kevin Jessiman, Marvin Boakye and Don Rooney.  Topics discussed included the reasons for considering outsourcing, comprehensiveness of RFPs i.e. is the comparison between internal resources and an outsource provider going to be fair, and the risks associated with outsourcing, including expected savings not being met and increasing costs.  A key point, acknowledged by MTS, was the proven commitment of TEAM members to meet and even exceed internal and external customer expectations.

One of the takeaways for TEAM was learning that outsourcing is not the de facto or preferred option; it’s a matter of cost and what MTS determines makes sense for the business.  The parties agreed to meet again after the RFPs have been analyzed, likely sometime around mid to late September.

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