Negotiations Update February 15th 2013

To:             All TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Members
From:        TEAM Office
Date:         February 15, 2013
Negotiations Update

Your negotiating committee has met with the Company five times since January 18th. We have exchanged high level proposals and are currently discussing non-monetary items. MTS’ key drivers are cost reductions, efficiency gains and limiting anything that decreases their flexibility.

Given that TEAM is looking for a compensation package that acknowledges the sacrifices we made in 2010, we are extremely disappointed that the Company has again made demands for concessions and that Article 22 – Vacations and Article 28 - Personal Leave Days are on the table.

We are planning meetings for the Communication Action Representatives* (CARs) in late February and for the membership in early March to provide more details, a progress report and to share our “No! Not A-Gain” campaign.

If you are interested in becoming a CAR during negotiations, please email with details of your preferred way to be contacted (personal cell, email etc.)

*Communication Action Representative – Responsible for communicating with colleagues on the issues and providing feedback to TEAM during negotiations.

TEAM-IFPTE Local 161
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