LOU -IT Progression Opportunities

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WHEREAS the Company has a desire to fill Software Specialist 2 (303IT) positions by way of the progression of Software Specialist 1s (302IT) and to fill Software Specialist 3 positions (304IT) by way of progression of Software Specialist 2s (303IT) and;

WHEREAS the parties agree that the method outlined below for filling Software Specialist 2 and Software Specialist 3 positions shall be an alternative to the posting process as outlined in Article 8 of the Collective Agreement.

Now therefore in consideration of the execution of this Agreement, the parties agree as follows:

1. Except to the extent as otherwise provided for in this Letter of Understanding, the terms and conditions of the present Collective Agreement shall apply to those employees affected by this Letter of Understanding.

2. When the Company determines that a Software Specialist 2 or Software Specialist 3 requirement exists, the Application Services Managers shall meet to discuss the progression of individuals from within the Software Specialist 1 and Software Specialist 2 classifications. Individuals may identify themselves for consideration by submitting a written request through their Manager to the Application Services Managers Group. The written request shall include specific documented examples of work-related performance and the results.

3. The criteria used as the basis to promote individuals shall be as follows:

4. Individuals recommended for progression by the Application Services Managers Group will be forwarded to the appropriate IT Director for final confirmation. The Company will advise all Software Specialist 1s of individuals promoted to Software Specialist 2 and all Software Specialist 2s of individuals promoted to Software Specialist 3 positions. Individuals who were not approved for progression shall be advised of the reasons by a member of the Application Services Managers Group.

5. It is understood between the parties that the Company has the sole discretion to:

6. The Company agrees to consider all internal Software Specialist 1s for software Specialist 2 positions and all internal Software Specialist 2s for Software Specialist 3 positions prior to considering external applicants.

7. Upon request of either party, the parties agree to meet to discuss matters of concern relating to the Letter of Understanding and implement, as necessary, changes as mutually agreed.

8. This Letter of Understanding shall continue in full force and effect unless terminated by either party. In the event that either party exercises its right to terminate this Letter of Understanding, it shall provide the other party with thirty (30) days prior written notice.


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