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An employee shall receive Maternity, Parental or Adoption Leave without pay under the conditions of eligibility in accordance with the Canada Labour Code.


In addition, a Regular employee who has completed six (6) consecutive months of continuous employment with the Company and who meets the conditions of eligibility contained in the applicable Company practices, shall receive a top-up enhancement allowance under the Supplemental Allowance Plan in accordance with the Company practices currently in effect or as amended from time to time.


The Company will notify the Union prior to amending any of its Company practices with respect to Maternity, Parental or Adoption Leave as referenced in Article 11.02.


Child Birth Leave


An employee will be granted up to a maximum of two (2) days leave with pay, to attend to needs directly related to the birth of the child. Such leave may be granted within the two (2) week period prior or two (2) week period following the birth of the child. 


In a situation where, because of the death of the mother, the child's other parent leaves work to become the primary care giver for the child or the mother becomes incapacitated to the extent that she cannot care for the child, the employee shall be eligible for Maternity benefits as herein described.


Employees who have taken Maternity Leave and/or Parental Leave, since their last break in service, shall be eligible to receive service credit for this leave upon written request to their Human Resources Consultant. This request must include start date or re-engagement date, and the date(s) of Maternity and/or Parental Leave.

Notice of Employment Opportunities


If you would like to be notified of new Bell MTS postings while you are on leave, please send an email to that includes your full name, employee PEIN, and personal email address. You will be provided instructions to access CareerZone without requiring corporate network access and you can then create a job alert in order to be notified of new internal postings.

Upon written request to their immediate manager, an employee is entitled to receive notification of training opportunities that arise during their leave which are required and related to their immediate work group.


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