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The Company and the Union recognize that technological change can offer significant improvements in the quality and quantity of services provided to the public.


For the purposes of this Article, technological change means:

(1) the introduction of equipment or material of a different nature or kind than that previously used; and,

(2) a change in the manner in which the work is carried on that is directly related to the introduction of that equipment or material, which is likely to affect the terms and conditions of work or the security of employment of a significant number of regular employees.


Where the Company proposes to effect a technological change, it shall give the Union preferably at least nine (9) months but not less than one hundred and twenty (120) days prior written notice of the change.

Such notice shall include the following:

(1) the nature of the change;

(2) the date on which the Company proposes to effect the change;

(3) the approximate number and type of employees and location likely to be affected by the change; and,

(4) the effects the change may be expected to have on the terms and conditions or the security of employment of regular employees covered by the Collective Agreement.


If so advised, the Union and the Company will meet to resolve, where possible, the re-assignment, re-location, transfer, reclassification or retraining as may be required to assist employees in their continued employment. The Company shall make all reasonable effort to ensure that no present regular employee, who is covered by this Agreement, shall lose his/her employment as a result of the introduction of a technological change.


Any employee requiring retraining to work with the new technology will receive whatever training is necessary on Company time at Company expense.


Training (not to exceed training that would normally be given to a new employee) will be provided on Company time at Company expense to qualify an employee displaced due to technological change to allow him/her to qualify for vacant positions within the bargaining unit.


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