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Except for the payment of wages and overtime, which shall be paid as set out in the Wage Schedules hereto annexed, this Agreement shall become effective on the first day of the bi-weekly pay period immediately following the date it is executed and shall continue in full force and in effect up to and including February 19, 2022.


Unless terminated upon a ninety (90) day written notice given by either party, to the other, prior to the expiry of the said term, this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect thereafter, until terminated at any time by ninety (90) days written notice.


Either party may give written notice to the other party within the period of four (4) months prior to the expiration of this Collective Agreement to commence collective bargaining for the purpose of renewing or revising this Collective Agreement.


The Company and the Union acting jointly may, from time to time, by Letters of Understanding signed by them, amend or interpret the provisions of this Agreement and the parties shall be bound by any such amendment or interpretation.


During the term or prior to the termination of this Agreement, the parties shall, at the request of either party, meet at least once every two (2) months for the purpose of discussing issues relating to the workplace which affect the parties hereto or any employee bound hereby.


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