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NOTE: This article has not yet been finalized between the parties.  In the meantime, the following is an excerpt from the Canada Industrial Relations Board Certification Order Number 8516-U:

“All employees of MTS Communications Inc., excluding those employees covered by Board certification orders 555-3860 (CEP) and 555-3948 (IBEW), graduate engineers employed by MTS Communications Inc, who are members of or who are eligible to be members of an association of professional engineers and who occupy positions within MTS Communications Inc., requiring such membership or eligibility for membership in order to perform the tasks required in positions, and those employees occupying the positions listed in Appendix A.”


The Company will advise the Union of the name and telephone number of all newly hired and re-hired bargaining unit employees upon their engagement.

The Company agrees that the TEAM Executive Director or designated TEAM Staff Representative shall be provided a maximum of 15 minutes to meet with new employees entering the TEAM bargaining unit during their first six months of employment in the bargaining unit.

It is understood and agreed that the purpose of such a meeting shall be for the Executive Director or designated TEAM Staff Representative to introduce himself/herself and provide the employee(s) with a copy of the collective agreement and other relevant information.  All arrangements for this purpose shall be made through the Consultant Human Resources.


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