TEAM Office End of Year Review December 21st 2009

  TEAM Office End of Year Review

2009 has been a busy year in the TEAM office with many challenges and changes in a number of areas…


The recent TEAM election was an historic event, being the first contested election for the position of President since 1992, and the first Pension Committee Representative election since July 1997.  The office staff is looking forward to the ongoing progressive direction set by President Misty Hughes-Newman and working with the returning and new board members.

The Office

We moved into slightly larger premises in February.  This new space has allowed the Board to host a number of events that would have required renting an expensive meeting room at a hotel.  TEAM launched the new website with an online calendar of Board meetings and events that may be of interest to members.  We also moved our email service away from the MTS system.

In May, Erin Spencer joined our staff as the Labour Relations Analyst, and in June, Tom Milroy accepted the Labour Relations Officer position.  Erin has made significant inroads into cleaning up the acting and temporary appointments, while Tom has successfully dealt with a number of issues including closing a number of very long outstanding grievances.   A significant impact of Tom’s tenure is the positive change to the Return to Work information release form, assuring members that information is shared with specific individuals on a need-to-know basis only.

Many of you will know our past TEAM President Susan Bilyk.  Retirement was not her forté, so she’s back in the TEAM office answering the phones and keeping the office running smoothly and efficiently.  She is most knowledgeable and provides context and history on the Collective Agreement and Constitution.


Under the direction of the TEAM Board, the office staff led a number of initiatives in the workplace, including ongoing communication, surveys, the focus groups around contractor numbers, and a successful presentation to Kelvin Shepherd, President of the MTS Consumer Markets Division, that resulted in opening up opportunities for TEAM members and curbs to the number of contractors in the workplace.

The office also authored a well researched proposal submitted to Aliana Rozenek, MTS Allstream Chief Human Resources Officer, on bullying in the workplace.  We are pleased to see that bullying has now been added to and defined in the Company’s Respectful Workplace Policy.

Pension Lawsuit

We had hoped for a ruling in the Pension Lawsuit this year as it was rumoured we would have the decision in November.  Bob Linsdell, our newly elected Pension Committee Representative will keep you up to date and provide you with a Pension Committee report after each pension committee meeting.

2010 promises to be a busy year with a new round of contract negotiations, and the highly anticipated pension lawsuit ruling. 

The TEAM Office staff wish you and your family the best of the Season and a Happy New Year.

Please note that the office will be closed between December 24 and January 4, 2010.  Should an urgent matter arise, please leave a message on the main office phone (984-9470), as this will be checked periodically during the holiday.