TEAM updates MTS DC Pension Plan & APEX Project October 20th 2009


MTS DC Pension Plan


On Friday October 9, 2009 TEAM sent a memo regarding the MTS DC Pension plan to members who provided their home email addresses.


Please check your spam or junk folder if you gave us your home email address but didn’t receive the memo.  If you did not receive the information please call or email TEAM to verify your home email address and request a resend.


Further information and updates about the proposed MTS DC Pension Plan will be distributed as they become available.



Request to Increase Contractors for APEX Project

In response to your concerns and suggestions that TEAM shared with the Company regarding their request to increase the number of contractors performing TEAM bargaining unit work by 50, from the existing 70 that is currently agreed under our Collective Agreement;

  • An opportunity to self-identify an interest in participating on the APEX project was sent to employees working in Application Services, CMD.  TEAM since expressed concern that this opportunity was restricted to employees of just one VP group, as well as our desire to see the opportunity extended to all areas of the company.  It is our understanding that the Company is still considering this option.
  • The Company agreed to explore options to hire term employees in place of contractors.


MTS Allstream advised TEAM that a detailed resource plan, including a work breakdown structure (WBS), for the project will be in place sometime in November (definitely before the end of the year), at which point, TEAM will have access to more details and the Company will have a better understanding and analysis of the positions and skill sets required for the duration of the project.


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