Response to MTS DC Announcement September 24th 2009


To:           All TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Members

From:    TEAM

Date:    September 24, 2009

Re:        TEAM Response to MTS DC Announcement

After team members soundly rejected the introduction of a Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DCP) during the last round of negotiations, today’s announcement by the Company to unilaterally introduce a DCP, so soon after members made their position clear and while we are still waiting for the outcome of the pension lawsuit will understandably raise numerous questions and concerns.

We face a particular challenge as one of the conditions of the agreement to remove the DCP from the negotiating table restricts TEAM from using the Company’s email system to share alternate views, information and concerns on this matter (click here to read the February 2008 Letter of Understanding regarding the DCP). 

The agreement does not preclude TEAM from challenging the implementation of a DCP, and we are consulting with our lawyers to review our options.

Although we intend to use the TEAM website and the Communication Action Network, we will need your current  home email address if we are to keep you informed about how this Company driven initiative will affect you, about upcoming events, and any other related TEAM initiatives.

Please reply to this email providing the TEAM office with your current home email address.  Alternatively, call in and provide the information at 984-9470.


TEAM-IFPTE Local 161