Bob Linsdell is new TEAM Business Manager  February 8th 2008

To All TEAM Members:

The TEAM Executive is pleased to announce Bob Linsdell as the successful candidate for the TEAM Business Manager position, effective Monday February 4, 2008, replacing Larry Trach who has retired from MTS and the TEAM Business Office.  We wish Larry all the best in his retirement, and sincerely appreciate his offer to continue to represent TEAM members’ interests in the ongoing pension lawsuit.

Bob most recently held the position of TEAM Assistant Business Manager, having held that role for the past two years.  Prior to joining the TEAM business office Bob was a supervisory Senior Analyst at MTS Media, where he had been employed since 1997.  Bob was nominated for a TEAM Executive Board position and to be a TEAM Area Rep for MTS Media in 2001.

Bob participated in the 2001 and 2004 Collective Agreement negotiations and is currently the Chief Negotiator for this round of negotiations.

Prior to joining MTS Allstream, Bob spent eight years as a Lead Commissioning Engineer on an international project in Oxfordshire, investigating the feasibility of controlled nuclear fusion as a new energy source.  Bob has been responsible for the design and development of a diverse range of products and systems, including some of Wimbledon’s scoreboards to New York’s transit ticketing systems to nuclear submarine instrumentation, to name but a few.  He holds a Masters in Software Engineering from Bournemouth University, and has numerous qualifications in analogue and digital electronics and computer hardware and software.

Bob has experience in owning and operating a small Research and Development business, and has also been a Sales Representative for a UK division of Zurich Financial Services.

Please join us in welcoming Bob as the TEAM Business Manager.

Your TEAM Executive