TEAM Collective Agreement Comparison July 24th 2002

TEAM has Completed a Comparison between The Manitoba Labour Code, Canada labour Code and The TEAM Collective Agreement.
Category Manitoba Labour Code Canada Labour Code TEAM Collective Agreement
Vacations 1 - 5 years = 2 weeks less than 1 year = 4% money no time less than 1 year = .288 day for each week
  after 5 years = 3 weeks after 1 year = 2 weeks (equals 4%) after 1 year = 3 weeks
    after 6 years = 3 weeks (equals 6%) after 6 years = 4 weeks
      after 14 years = 5 weeks
      after 21 years = 6 weeks
      after 34 years = 7 weeks
      Note: 50 vacation days can be banked for Pension
      puffing purposes.
Severance 2 weeks notice only, greater of 2 days per year of service, Age 55+ and 10+ years ---26 weeks lump
  no severance. or 5 days wages Age 55- and years =/>80 options:
      1. bridging allowance up to 52 weeks base salary
      and 26 weeks lump or,
      2. 65 weeks lump if age under 53
      All others - 2 weeks per year (max. 65 weeks)
Sick Leave Pay & Time Employer Discretion Employer Discretion, at least equal 1st 3 months service = no allowance
    to provincial legislation. Next 3 months = 3 days full pay
      Next 6 months = 6 days full pay
      2nd year of service = 12 days full pay
      3rd year of service = 12 days full pay
      4th year of service = 12 days full pay
      5th year of service = 21 days full pay
      6th year of service = 22 days full pay
      7th year of service = 22 days full pay
      8th year of service = 22 days full pay
      9th year of service = 22 days full pay
      10th year of service = 22 days full pay
      Note: The accumulation will be calculated as of the first day of the period for which the sick credits are to be granted. The accumulation for out-of-scope positions is as of the last day of the period, therefore, it takes 11 years for an out-of-scope to
Scheduled Increments Employer Discretion Employer Discretion Approximately 4% yearly to top of salary group
Shift Differentials     $1.00 per hour from 6 pm and 8 am
Christmas Eve     Straight time extra from 6 pm to midnight
New Years Eve      
General Holidays Pay One and 1/2 time One and 1/2 time Double time extra for all hours worked
Saturday Differentials     $1.00 per hour on second subsequent.
Sunday Differentials     One-half straight time extra
General Holidays Seven Nine Eleven
Personal Leave Days Zero Zero Five
Overtime Rates One and 1/2 time One and 1/2 time Double Time
Overtime Payout money or 1 1/2 time off money money or time or a combination of both or
  within 3 months of working   banked for pension puff (based on double time)
Hours of Work 8 hours daily, 40 hours weekly 8 hours daily, 40 hours weekly 7.5 hours daily, 37.5 hours weekly
Postings Employer Discretion Employer Discretion Recognized promotional process
Conflict Resolution Employment Standards Branch Canada Labour Inspector Complaint - Union Representative
  Manitoba Labour Board Canada Labour Adjudicator Grievance - Union Office
  Hire a Lawyer Hire a Lawyer - Federal Law Suit Arbitration - Union Hired Lawyer