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Enhanced VRTIP and Next Steps

To:         TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Members
From:    TEAM Office
Date:     July 17, 2018
Re:       Enhanced VRTIP and Next Steps

Friday was the last day for employees in TEAM’s bargaining unit to submit applications to be considered for departure from Bell MTS under the June/July Enhanced Voluntary Retirement Termination Incentive Program (EVRTIP). The following provides an outline of what happens next:

  • The Company will assess all applications and determine who from the targeted and non-targeted positions will be approved. Departure dates will be set and the employees notified. There is no firm timeline for how long this process will take.
    If you have applied for the EVRTIP and have not let us know, please consider doing so now:

                 -  My position is targeted - I have applied

                 -  My position is not targeted - I have applied

  • If you are in one of the positions targeted for elimination, and you did not apply for the EVRTIP package, TEAM will be advocating for your redeployment (unless you tell us otherwise) to avoid you being laid off.
    In the event the required reductions have not been achieved through the EVRTIP, and the Company determines it is necessary to layoff employees, Article 27 - Layoff of the Collective Agreement will take effect. The key points of the Article are as follows:
  • The Company will determine the employee(s) within targeted groups to be laid off using the following criteria:

Article 27.04.1: “where incumbents are deemed by the Company to be relatively equal on the basis of skill, ability, performance and qualifications, the junior incumbent, according to Net Credited Service (NCS) date, shall be laid off first.”

  • The Company will provide TEAM with the list of employees identified for layoff. TEAM will receive this list 14 days prior to any members being issued a layoff notice.
  • TEAM will meet with the Company to discuss ways to minimize or avert layoffs, including looking at opportunities to redeploy members to non-targeted positions vacated through the EVRTIP, bumping of Actors from other unions (Article 27.04.3), and displacing contractors (Article 27.04.6).
    Unfortunately, during this 14-day period, TEAM is not permitted to disclose if a layoff is going to happen or any details thereof, including who is/is not on the list.
    As such, to assist TEAM with advocating on your behalf in the event the required reductions are not achieved in your targeted group through voluntary means, and you are identified for layoff, please click on the following link and provide a list of other jobs that you believe you could do in Bell MTS and/or a list of your relevant skills and qualifications. You may also attach a resume and include additional information that you think may be useful. If you have already provided this information, there is no need to send it again.

          -  My position is targeted – Additional Info

  • At the end of the 14-day period, and after redeployments and other options have been considered, if the Company decides that layoffs are still necessary, layoff notices will be issued. Layoffs will not occur before early to mid-August.
  • Within two weeks of receiving a layoff notice, members may submit to the Company a current resume and identify in writing which equally or lower rated positions they believe they can satisfactorily perform (Article 27.04.5).
  • Laid off members who are on recall (180 days) retain the right to bid on Bell MTS job postings as an internal applicant (Article 27.05). The TEAM office can provide the job postings if requested.

Members who feel they have been unfairly selected for layoff are advised to contact the TEAM office without delay to discuss their concerns.

TEAM-IFPTE Local 161
204-984-9470 or 1-877-984-9470