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TEAM Bargaining Update
Day 2 and 3 (March 7 & 8, 2007)
Mr. Kelvin Shepherd, President MTS Allstream Consumer Markets Division, presented to the TEAM Bargaining Committee the 3 year Business Plan for MTS Allstream.
An understanding was reached on which issues were non-monetary and monetary.
MTS Allstream’s bargaining committee acknowledged recent TEAM and TEAM members’ actions, and our right to do these actions, including communication with the employees, shareholders, customers, the MTS Allstream Board, Members of Parliament, our Petition and our TENT day.
The first issues discussed fall under TEAM representational issues, and are intended to dispel fear and garner respect for members in the workplace, demonstrate that TEAM members and Reps have the support and trust of MTS to deal with issues in the workplace immediately when they arise so as to prevent unnecessary escalation. 
Further, in a cooperative manner, both sides will ensure that there is access to the workplace to support the employees and reduce fear against reprisals when issues are addressed. Your Bargaining Committee identified that when members are confident to participate in the workplace, the results include personal growth, teamwork, improved morale and increased productivity, which will clearly benefit all the members and MTS Allstream.
However, in retaliation for TEAM and the members’ hard work in making this a stronger, more cohesive organization, MTS Allstream refused to agree to any of the proposed solutions, offering only the weakest of wording for the issue intended to dispel fear of participating in TEAM and the raising of issues in the workplace. TEAM asked the company to review seriously these important issues overnight, and to engage in meaningful discussions the next day. The company refused to review the proposals further. In considering MTS’s position, and their take it or leave it attitude, your TEAM bargaining committee cancelled Day 3 of bargaining, and met in caucus instead.
Members must feel free to discuss issues in a timely fashion, and know they can stand up in discussions without fear of reprisals.
Your Bargaining Committee is determined to strengthen your working relationship with MTS Allstream, improve the working environment, while building a stronger foundation for the members.
The next Bargaining dates are March 20 and 21, 2007.
In solidarity
Your Bargaining Committee
Bob Linsdell                          TEAM Assistant Business Manager
Larry Trach                           TEAM Business Manager
Misty Hughes-Newman            TEAM President (Network Services)
Brian Lawson                         IFPTE
Jamie Barbour                       TEAM Treasurer (Finance)
Louie Haklar                          TEAM 1st Vice President (BT&IT)
Ed Maxwell                            TEAM Board Member (Regions)
Pat Basarowich                      TEAM Board Member (Marketing)