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TEAM Bargaining Update
Day 4 & 5  March 20 and 21
Your TEAM Bargaining Committee met again with the company's Bargaining Committee this week in the hope of engaging in a meaningful dialogue in regards to renewing your collective agreement.  Bargaining commenced on February 22, 2007, and as we approach April there has been absolutely no movement on the part of the company. MTS Allstream had initially indicated to TEAM its desire to expedite the bargaining process; however their actions suggest the contrary.
Our Bargaining Committee is very disappointed with the Company for dragging their feet yet again on the simplest of issues.  We again went over representational issues that included items such as fear in the workplace, intimidation, bullying, partnership in the administration of the Collective Agreement, and yet again there was frustratingly zero movement. This despite the Company's acknowledgement that there is fear in the workplace for many issues such as layoffs, being passed over for promotions, of being associated with TEAM, reprisals in PP&Rs, etc.
In response to these issues TEAM presented a series of language changes that the company has flatly refused to even dialogue on, let alone agree to.  Your Bargaining Committee tried rewording the language in an attempt to demonstrate our sincere efforts to engage in a meaningful dialogue. However, the Company refused to entertain the new language.  We tried introducing language from other MTS Allstream collective agreements that the Company has previously accepted, or has left in place, but still no movement.  It would appear that the directive given to the Company's Bargaining Committee is to reject any and all proposals put forward by TEAM.
MTS Allstream has a very predictable bargaining strategy that TEAM and other unions within MTS Allstream have experienced over the years.  Their strategy is a tired old bargaining practice of holding out on agreeing to any language until the 'eleventh hour'.  We had hoped that under the new leadership of MTS Allstream that we would have seen a more enlightened form of labour relations in which the company enters into a genuine dialogue with its employees.
Your Bargaining Committee is determined to strengthen your working relationship with MTS Allstream, improve the working environment, while building a stronger foundation for the members.
We will continue to keep you, first as members, but also shareholders and customers, (as well as various other stakeholders), abreast of the progress (or lack of) in bargaining. We will continue with this practice of open communication in which all those invested in MTS Allstream are kept informed.
Next bargaining dates are April 17 and 18, 2007.
In solidarity
Your Bargaining Committee
Bob Linsdell                          TEAM Assistant Business Manager
Larry Trach                           TEAM Business Manager
Misty Hughes-Newman            TEAM President (Network Services)
Brian Lawson                          IFPTE
Jamie Barbour                       TEAM Treasurer (Finance)
Louie Haklar                          TEAM 1st Vice President (BT&IT)
Ed Maxwell                           TEAM Board Member (Regions)
Pat Basarowich                     TEAM Board Member (Marketing)