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TEAM Ballot Results
Telecommunications Employees Association of Manitoba
Ballot Results - October 29, 2007
A message to all TEAM members:
Ballot Results On Company’s Last Offer
On September 19, 2007 MTS Allstream brought bargaining to a halt by tabling their last offer.  Your Bargaining Committee attempted to head off the offer, as in our view it was a lowball offer in the monetary sense, deficient in meaningful wording, and on several counts contained proposals that should not have been in the Company’s offer, in particular the DC Pension Plan proposal.
Over the last three weeks your Bargaining Committee held nine very well attended informational meetings, followed by seven voting sessions in Winnipeg and Brandon, with mail-in ballots for those in the regions.  At noon today, under the watchful eye of the Chief Returning Officer, three volunteers from the membership acting as scrutineers, counted the ballots on the Company’s last offer.  The result was an overwhelming and resounding “No”.  The number of members that participated in this vote is unprecedented in TEAM’s history, with close to 85% of the membership casting a vote.
The membership firmly rejected the Company’s offer by a clear majority, giving your Bargaining Committee a mandate to return to the negotiation table.  It is hoped that the voice and will of the MTS Allstream employees will be heard, and the Company will return to the table to negotiate a fair and equitable offer that is in-line with professionals in our industry and the province.
Over the next few days the TEAM Office will be responding to comments or concerns submitted with the ballots.
We would like to thank the Communication Action Representatives, members who volunteered to be scrutineers at the voting sessions, the ballot counters, the Chief Returning Officer, and all members that took time out of their day to attend and participate in meetings, provide feedback, and everyone that voted.
The Conciliation Officer contacted your Chief Negotiator, Bob Linsdell, last week to check on progress, and will be informed of the voting results later today.
Unfair Labour Complaint
During our informational membership meetings, many members questioned the legality and fairness of MTS including the DC Pension Plan and issues of Scope in their offer.  On the morning of October 22, 2007, in parallel to the voting process, TEAM filed an Unfair Labour Complaint with the Canada Industrial Relations Board.  The unfair complaint claims that, by its actions, MTS Allstream is bargaining in bad faith and is in violation of section 50(a) of the Canada Labour Code, and is interfering with TEAM-IFPTE’s affairs in violation of section 94(1)(a) of the Code.
In the coming days TEAM will be reaching out to you in regards to the above issues, and your Bargaining Committee and the Campaign Committee will continue to meet to determine next steps.
Thank you for your continued support,
Your TEAM Bargaining Committee