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TEAM Bargaining Update and Member Activities


To:          All TEAM Members
    TEAM Bargaining Committee
     July 9, 2007
        Collective Bargaining Update and Member Activities

TEAM - IFPTE Local 161 Bargaining Update

Tent Day

MTS looked like a provincial park on a long weekend as tents popped up all over the various properties. The tents, reading “FAIRNESS AND RESPECT” and “NO TO THE STATUS QUO!” marked Day 2 of conciliation with the Company and conciliator.  The tents were a visual way of demonstrating unity and support for your bargaining committee.  All members should be congratulated on their efforts and the bargaining committee appreciates your ongoing support. Thanks to everyone for making it a great success.

Conciliation Update

Conciliation commenced on Wednesday July 4th with the assistance of Carl Gareau, Regional Director of the Canadian Industrial Relations Board for the Midwest. Mr. Gareau is a senior conciliator with decades of experience in labour relations.  We are encouraged by his appointment and are hopeful that the process will prove fruitful.  The first 3 days of conciliation has focused primarily upon moving the bargaining process forward and housekeeping issues.  We return to the table for the week of July 23rd.  The conciliator has a mandate to work with the parties until August 21st and after that, the process can be extended by mutual consent.  If we are unable to reach an agreement by August 21, and we are unable to extend the process, then the Conciliator will file a “no-board report” and TEAM and MTS Allstream will be in a strike/lock-out situation after 21 days (mid-September).


Community Support

TEAM has been inundated with community and labour support.  Many in the community share TEAM’s concerns about our lack of job security and the potential for our pension plan to be altered.  We have had letters of support from our colleagues within MTS represented by CEP, IBEW and Telephone Retires Association of Manitoba (TRAM).  We have received letters of support and commitment of aid from the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), the Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL) and the Winnipeg Labour Council (WLC).  The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), the University of Manitoba Student Union (UMSU) and President of the U of M Faculty Association (Professors union) all have sent letters to Mr. Blouin indicating their concern with possible changes to our pension plan.

In particular our fellow Locals within the IFPTE has offered us unprecedented aid.  The Society of Energy Professionals (IFPTE Local 160) alone has pledged $1 million of their $15 million defence fund to TEAM in the event that we are locked-out by the Company.

Please visit our website at www.mtsallstreamwatch.info later in the week to view the letters that have been mailed to Mr. Blouin in support of TEAM.

Stay strong. Stay informed. Stay united.

Your Bargaining Committee

Confidential email address:  teamaction@society.on.ca