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Conciliation Report Clarification

       TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Members
   June 30, 2010
       Conciliation Report Clarification

The Company has complained that in the June 28th TEAM Conciliation Report, our
statement that our monetary proposal was acknowledged as “not unreasonable” lacked context and did not disclose their response and discussions around ability to pay.
The Company’s Chief Negotiator has asked that we clarify their position with our membership.  To avoid any misrepresentation on our part and to ensure complete accuracy you can read the Company's position below
Bob Linsdell

On behalf of the TEAM Negotiating Committee

From the MTS Chief Negotiator:


Sent: June 28, 2010 4:52 PM
To: bob.linsdell@teamunion.mb.ca
Subject: FW: Negotiations Update - Conciliation Report

“As you are fully aware, in response to TEAM’s wage proposal I did comment that based on recent wage settlement data, a 2% wage demand for 2010 is not unreasonable however, this round of collective bargaining is not about keeping up with the market – it is about MTS Allstream’s ability to pay and MTS Allstream cannot afford to keep pace with the market.  You should recall that at the same time I also advised that because MTS Allstream cannot keep pace with the market some of our salary grades may drop below the 50th percentile and we will collectively have to live with that.
You failed to provide the context for the comment in your communication and as a result and consistent with the last round of negotiations, in my opinion you are digging yourself a hole with your membership that you are going to have difficulty getting out of.   I am in no position to tell you how to do your job but by misrepresenting the Company’s position, you are making it more difficult for the TEAM bargaining committee, the MTS Allstream bargaining committee and the conciliator to bring these negotiations to a successful conclusion and I would ask that you clarify the Company’s position with your membership.
Although the last thing I want to do is get into a communication back and forth with your membership, should you fail to clarify the Company’s position we will consider communicating directly with your membership to set the record straight.”