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Personal Leave Days

To:       TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Members
From:   TEAM
Date:    June 18, 2010
Re:       Personal Leave Days

An analysis of the history of Personal Leave Days (PLDs) from 1995 to the present shows that PLDs are not free; we work for them every day.

  • Prior to 1995, our normal workday was 7 hours and 15 minutes.
  • Until 1995 employees could participate voluntarily in the Accumulated Days Off (ADO) program.  We earned 13 ADOs by working an extra 23 minutes a day.
  • During the 1995 contract negotiations the voluntary ADO program was replaced by 5 PLDs and the normal workday increased to the 7 hours and 30 minutes that we work today.
  • The loss of our PLDs equates to a 2% reduction in pay.  We would be working more for less.

Many members have asked what the Company is offering in return for the elimination of PLDs; at this time, the Company has offered nothing.
Bob Linsdell
On behalf of the TEAM Negotiating Committee

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