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Pension Consultations and Pension Lawsuit

The Department of Finance public consultations on the legislative and regulatory framework for federally regulated private pension plans are scheduled for Winnipeg on April 17.

Venue: Winnipeg Convention Centre
Address: 375 York Avenue
Meeting room: Millennium Room
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

The consultation begins with four experts and is followed by 90 minutes for questions from the audience (each speaker is limited to 3 minutes).  These public consultations are a major opportunity for employees to tell their pension stories.  TEAM and IFPTE will be participating.


The Canadian Labour Congress* (CLC), with whom we are affiliated through the IFPTE, has submitted a response to the Department of Finance consultation paper.  As part of the CLC response, on March 13 the President of the CLC, Ken Georgetti, gave a thoughtful and passionate speech to the Department of Finance Consultations on Pensions.


*The Canadian Labour Congress represents 3.2 million Canadian workers.



Pension Lawsuit

By agreement of counsel, the oral argument hearing dates of March 23 - 25, 2009 have been postponed.  As Justice Bryk has not had an opportunity to read and fully review the reply arguments, all parties agree that he should take the time to thoroughly review the written submissions before addressing the issue of oral argument.

As soon as we know if oral argument is required we will let you know.

 Web Links:

   CLC Response           -   http://www.teamunion.mb.ca/resources/pension/2009-03-13b_CLC_Consultation_Paper.pdf

   Georgetti Speech        -   http://www.teamunion.mb.ca/resources/pension/2009-03-13c-KVG-Speech_Consultation.doc

   Written Submissions   -   http://www.teamunion.mb.ca/renderpage.php?cat=news&subcat=pension&id=224

   Reply Arguments        -   http://www.teamunion.mb.ca/renderpage.php?cat=news&subcat=pension&id=225