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TEAM Opposed to Outsourcing of MTS Jobs
January 11, 2007
As you may already know MTS Allstream announced today the outsourcing of our SAP Sustainment Team.  Hewlett Packard (HP Canada - based in Mississauga, Ontario) was selected as the vendor.  The effective date is March 1, 2007.  The company informed the union that HP Canada is not going to be hiring anyone from the Sustainment team (unlike YPG), and as a result, MTS has today issued another targeted VRIP. The VRIP is open to all eligible members in BT & IT. If the numbers are not achieved through voluntary means, the company may layoff the employees in the targeted positions.
TEAM is opposed to the continued sell-off of quality jobs in our community.  MTS continues to sell, outsource and/or contract out our jobs.  This is happening while at least 70 contractors are being utilized doing TEAM work.  TEAM is committed to keeping good paying, permanent jobs in our communities to ensure quality, innovative telecommunication services and a prosperous future for us all.
TEAM will be convening a meeting of the affected members and any members interested in the VRIP.  A date and location will be announced shortly.  In addition, we will request from MTS the list of contractors, with an outline of the work they are doing, so that we can make all possible efforts to ensure that a contractor will not be used where a targeted TEAM member could do the work.