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TEAM Representatives Meet with MTS Chief Executive Officer

January 22, 2007

Following the delivery of the TEAM petition signed by over 400 TEAM members to the offices of MTS Allstream CEO Pierre Blouin in Toronto, and President of Consumer Markets Kelvin Shepherd in Manitoba, the CEO contacted TEAM for a meeting on December 19, 2006.

This was the first meeting between the CEO and TEAM since he came on board with MTS Allstream just over one year ago.  Bravo to all TEAM members who signed the petition.  You made the difference!

Mr. Blouin outlined the challenges faced by MTS Allstream and the need to restructure.

In response, TEAM focused on the concerns and issues that have been repeatedly raised by TEAM members, including the loss of skilled MTS jobs from our communities, the use of and apparent preference for contractors over loyal and long service employees who are going out the door, and the outrageous treatment of loyal and long service MTS employees in the MTS Media/YPG fiasco.    

TEAM emphasized that the process utilized by the Company to achieve its restructuring goals must change.  Low morale, fear of job loss, and anger are prevalent in the workplace.  TEAM emphasized that the MTS Unions/Associations must be part of the process.

When asked, Mr. Blouin indicated he was committed to TEAM represented employees, and agreed to meet with TEAM representatives again.

We are pleased to report that subsequent to the meeting, MTS agreed to reinstate, at least on a term basis, one TEAM member who had been forced to go to YPG, and was scheduled to lose her job December 31.  TEAM continues to take the position that other similarly situated members should also have the right to return to MTS.

Unfortunately, in January MTS announced the outsourcing of the SAP jobs, with this work to be done outside the province, and possibly even the continent, and although MTS offered continued employment to half the affected TEAM members, it did not indicate that contractors, Actors or Terms would be moved aside to protect the balance of these loyal and long service TEAM members.  TEAM strongly takes issue with this failure of MTS to move aside the more costly contractors.

TEAM did indicate to the CEO that we appreciated the opportunity to meet with him and to raise TEAM member issues with him, and that we certainly look forward to continuing the dialogue in the near future.