2019 TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Scholarship Awards Night October 25th 2019

On Wednesday, October 23rd, beginning at 6 pm at the TEAM Office, we celebrated this years TEAM Scholarship Award Winners. It was a wonderful night with our members and their children. After presentation of the scholarships, we all sat down to dinner together, which was provided to us by Homer's Greek Restaurant.

A big congratulations to Sophie Connor, Aurora Wiebe, Leanne McNiven, Jody Verrier, and Dale Karpiak! We also wish to say good luck, and congratulations to Emily Marshall, and Patricia Demeyer-Wilkie who were both unable to attend.

Thank you to Erin Spencer (TEAM LRO), Misty Hughes-Newman (TEAM President) and Nicki Hughes (TEAM Board Member and Scholarship Committee Chair).


                                  (Setting up for the awards night)                                                                                 (Awards waiting to be presented)


                                  (TEAM President kicking things off)                                        (Erin Spencer and Nicki Hughes explaining how the winners were chosen)


                 (Sophie Connor with Erin Spencer)                                         (Leanne McNiven with Erin Spencer)                                        (Aurora Wiebe with Erin Spencer)


                   (Erin Spencer with Dale Karpiak)                                               (Jody Verrier with Erin Spencer)                   (From left to right: Dale Karpiak, Aurora Wiebe, Jody Verrier, Sophie Connor, Leanne McNiven,                                                                                                                                                                                                               and Erin Spencer)
                                                                              (The dinner after the awards. Food was provided by Homer's Greek Restaurant)                            

                                    (Congratulations once again Sophie, Leanne, Aurora, Dale and Jody! Missing from the pictures are Emily Marshall & Patricia Demeyer Wilkie)