March 11th 2014

Joint Message from Unions, Retirees and MTS Regarding the Supreme Court Decision

Since the recent Supreme Court Decision ordering that further Defined Benefit Pension Plan benefits be
made available, MTS, the Retiree Representatives and the Unions (TEAM, IBEW and Unifor) have
received numerous inquiries regarding the implementation process.

As you can appreciate, sorting out the technical details (including the final judgment amount; costs; and
method of funding the benefits) and settling on an implementation plan that is fair to all beneficiaries of
this decision is a complex process that requires input from actuaries and legal advisors.

Immediately following the decision, all parties sat down together and discussed moving forward as quickly
as possible. We are all anxious to collaborate to conclude this process.

We acknowledge that this is important to all parties involved, and jointly commit to keeping you updated
as things progress.