Negotiations Update - Miscellaneous July 5th 2013

To:             All TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Members
From:        TEAM Office
Date:         July 5, 2013
Re:             Negotiations Update - Miscellaneous

Negotiations Updates

Several members have asked why we don’t provide daily updates on what is being discussed at the negotiating table.  At the commencement of negotiations, to facilitate an open exchange of ideas TEAM committed to the following:

“…there may be times where maintaining a level of confidentiality is in our mutual best interest. TEAM also understands that communicating to our members the substantial discussions and routines of individual bargaining sessions is generally counterproductive to reaching an agreement.”

This commitment prevents us from sharing every move made at the negotiating table.  An update on this week’s negotiations will be provided later today.


We are looking for volunteers to sit on the following committees:

Please contact to advise which committee you are interested in.

Replacement Workers

We have received a number of queries regarding MTS’ ability to bring in replacement workers in the event of a strike or lockout.  Section 94(2.1) of the Canada Labour Code prohibits MTS from hiring replacement workers to perform all or part of the duties of TEAM members who are on strike or locked out, where the replacement workers are hired by MTS for the purpose of undermining TEAM’s role as the bargaining agent.  However, MTS is entitled to utilize replacement workers during a lawful work stoppage for a legitimate economic reason.

In the event there is a strike or lockout, and replacement workers are brought in to do our work, TEAM will file an Unfair Labour Practice complaint with the Canada Industrial Labour Relations Board if appropriate.

A joint letter from the Presidents of TEAM, IFPTE and the MFL will be provided to any replacement worker.  Contact the office if you need printed copies to distribute.

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