Pension Lawsuit Video Webcast TEAM et al. v. MTS et al. May 23rd 2013

To:             All TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Members
From:        TEAM Office
Date:         May 23, 2013
Re:            Pension Lawsuit Video Webcast TEAM et al. v. MTS et al.

The Supreme Court of Canada video webcast of TEAM et al. v. MTS et al. (SCC File No. 34763) is available here.

The hearing took a little over two hours.  Our legal team went first, followed by MTS (126:20), and closed with a five-minute reply from our side.

Our lawyers did an excellent job in representing us before a panel of seven Supreme Court justices.  At several points MTS’ lawyer seemed to have difficulty responding to the questions, and was admonished by Justice LeBel (162:15) “…I would appreciate if you would address our questions a bit more directly without always trying to evade them…”, “…since the beginning of your presentation this morning, I trust that at several points you have been skating around the facts”.

The Supreme Court typically renders a decision within six to eight months of hearing a case.

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