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This will confirm our understanding of the above subject as agreed between the Company and the Union as follows:

Where the content of a job has significantly changed and the job description no longer reflects the actual responsibilities of the job, a revised job description may be written for review by the Rewards team. The revised job description shall be prepared in conjunction with the affected employee(s). The job description shall be completed within 8 weeks of the initial discussion between the Manager and the affected employee(s).

Revised job descriptions shall be submitted to the Human Resources Business Partner who shall arrange to have the job re-evaluated. All job descriptions submitted for re-evaluation will be evaluated within 8 weeks of submission. If there are any delays in processing the evaluation, the applicant will be notified accordingly.

Any affected employee having concerns regarding a re-evaluation can contact his/her Manager for a debriefing.

TEAM shall be advised of the salary band of the re-evaluated position prior to the affected employee(s) being notified.

Note:     The Company uses the Hay Guide Chart method for job evaluation. The Company reserves the right to change the job evaluation methodology at its sole discretion.


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