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23.01 The following shall be recognized as Company holidays for which employees shall suffer no reduction in pay on account of the closing of the Company’s offices:
New Year's Day Labour Day
Louis Riel Day Thanksgiving Day
Good Friday Remembrance Day
Victoria Day Christmas Day
Canada Day Boxing Day
Civic Holiday Floating Holiday

The Floating Holiday shall be arranged by the Company and the employee in accordance with the requirements of service. The Company reserves the right to deny any dates requested by employees.

Any additional holiday proclaimed by the Government of Manitoba, or the Government of Canada as a holiday for the general public shall be recognized as a Company holiday.


A holiday falling on a day between Sunday and Saturday inclusive, shall be included in the weekly schedule for all employees for that week, but not including employees who are absent on leave without pay. However, an employee on such leave who works fifteen (15) days during the thirty (30) days immediately preceding a Company holiday will receive holiday pay for that holiday.


An employee working on a Company holiday is entitled to receive holiday pay, whether or not he/she is scheduled to work unless he/she is absent from work without authorization on the scheduled work day prior to or following such holiday.


When any of the above holidays falls on a Saturday or Sunday, which is normally a non-scheduled working day for an employee, the following working day(s) shall be observed as the holiday unless the service demands require otherwise.


An employee who works on a Company holiday shall receive double time for all hours worked in addition to his/her holiday pay.


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