Grievance Committee Terms of Reference November 29th 2008

TEAM Grievance Committee

Terms of Reference

November 29, 2008



TEAM Grievance Committee

A Standing Committee of members who work with staff to review grievances filed against the employer and complaints received from members.  These members attend Step 3 grievance meetings held with the employer on company paid time.  The members may be involved in Step 1 and 2.



1.      To research member complaints and decide if a grievance should proceed.

2.      To assist staff in the preparation and presentation of grievances to the employer.

3.      To assist staff in responses sent to the employer on settlements.

4.      To recruit and educate a Rep network in the workplace.

5.      To maintain a list of issues that needs to be addressed in the next round of bargaining.


Desired Outcomes

1.      To resolve member and policy grievances at the earliest possible step of the grievance process.

2.      To offer input to the Bargaining Committee on proposals that would resolve member complaints and grievances in the future.



1.      To resolve the grievance to the satisfaction of the member and within the confines of the collective agreement.

2.      Board approval must be obtained to violate the collective agreement and/or proceed to arbitration, and to withdraw a grievance at any stage.



1.      The committee will meet bi-monthly for the amount of time needed to review the current grievance and complaint load.  Total time in a month shall not normally exceed one day.

2.      Meetings will be held at the TEAM office and called by the staff member responsible for grievances.  Regular dates (i.e. 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month) are recommended. 

3.      The staff member will be the chair and will arrange the agenda based on the current docket of grievances and complaints on file.

4.      The staff member can assign note taking to a committee member if desired.



1.      Two members and a staff member will serve on the Grievance Committee. 

2.      Any member of the Local is eligible for membership.  Members should have a thorough knowledge of the collective agreement and need to be approved by the Board.

3.      Quorum requires two members and the staff person.  The committee will only meet without quorum when exceptional circumstances exist (i.e. illness, bad weather, bereavement, etc)



1.      TEAM office and office equipment will be available for this Committee.

2.      Training – Recommend that the Committee members attend a Shop Steward / Advanced Steward / Arbitration courses.

3.      Lunch will be provided for day-long meetings.

4.      Expenses will be reimbursed based on TEAM policies.

5.      The committee will be given access to historical grievance and complaint records.

6.      The committee will be given access to the internet and any other publications required to research grievances.  Subscription fees to a maximum of $500.00 will be paid by the Local.

7.      Responses to the company will typed by the office staff.

8.      Board members can be solicited for input on difficult cases.



1.      The Committee will provide a summary report at each Board meeting on grievances and complaints handled and the status of outstanding grievances.

2.      The Committee will prepare a Grievance and Complaint report quarterly for the membership.

3.      This Committee will work with the Board and staff to design and lead a Shop Steward course for rank and file members.

4.      Maintain confidentiality.