TEAM Election Results December 8th 2009


From:   Jo-Anne Pelzer, Election Committee Chairperson

Date:    December 8, 2009

Re:         TEAM Election Results

 Here are the Election ballot results:

Misty Hughes-Newman was elected President

Bob Linsdell was elected Pension Representative

 The following members were elected by acclamation:

First Vice-President: Qwin De Brandt

Second Vice-President: Ed Maxwell

Treasurer: Jamie Barbour

Board Members: Darlene Buan, Donna Loschuk, Stephen Gillies, Randy Magnusson, Victor Otto, and Roland Pokorny.

Vacancies in the Board will be addressed at the first Board meeting scheduled for January. Members interested in serving on the Board should contact President Misty Hughes-Newman at 941-5338.

In Solidarity

Jo-Anne Pelzer

TEAM Election Committee Chair

TEAM-IFPTE Local 161

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