Retirement Gift December 1st 2009

TEAM Policy #8

TEAM will present a departure gift to members in good standing who leave from MTS after 10 years membership in TEAM (excluding TEAM members terminated for just cause). Members departing with less than 10 years membership in TEAM will be sent an appropriate letter of farewell. Members who retire from MTS receive a retirement gift from TEAM.

TEAM currently presents a limited edition Cree Imagery print by artist Ernie Scoles. Ernie is the son of retired TEAM member Ted Scoles.

TEAM also gives a complimentary one year's membership to the Telephone Retirees Association of Manitoba (TRAM).

TRAM was formed in 1999 to represent the interest of all retirees from MTS. TRAM actively supports its members in the pension lawsuit in a effort to regain the benefits and governance of the plan that was enjoyed by members of the Civil Service Superannuation Plan. TRAM provides a voice for retired MTS employees to lobby on issues that are important to them and an opportunity to maintain networks and friendships.

The TEAM office does not always receive notification of retirements or departures in a timely manner. If you are leaving MTS or aware of a member who will be leaving, please notify the TEAM office at 984-9470.