Bully Awareness Week - November 15 - 22, 2009 November 12th 2009

Dear Fellow members of TEAM

          How many of you know that Bully Awareness week is this week?

For many years now I have been studying, battling and observing bullying. It is a passion of mine to do whatever it takes to make this behavior illegal in Canada,the way it is in many other countries. Bullying.org is one of many organizations that I joined over the years and it provided me with a great deal of the information I now have.

I joined Bullying_org@netpals.lsoft.com years ago. This group shares stories about bullying that are good and bad, sadly mostly bad.

Once you have sat in on some of the focus groups and shared the horror stories and tragedies caused by bullying, you would never ever consider "forgive, forget and move on", unless you were a bully. Where there is no consequence for bullying there is only condoning.

You can visit http://www.nobullyforme.org/ for workplace bullying awareness.

Roland Pokorny
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