Call for Nominations for positions on the TEAM Board October 7th 2009

The TEAM Executive Board is once again accepting nominations for positions on the TEAM Executive Board.


Do you:

     - Have a voice that needs to be heard?

     - A desire to be part of the solution?

     - Have an interest in taking an active part in your future?


If this sounds like you and is something you are interested in, then fill out the attached Executive Board Nomination Form along with 10 signatures from fellow TEAM members who believe you would make an excellent candidate and submit it to the TEAM office no later than October 15, 2009 (internal Mail Code B2000).


In accordance with Article IV (B), Bylaws XVII & XVIII, the TEAM Executive Board is seeking nominations from members in good standing for:

  • President
  • First Vice-President
  • Second Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Board Member


Executive Board Officers and Executive Board Members serve for a three year term on a voluntary basis.  As a member of the Board you will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring good governance and oversight
  • Providing input and participating in decisions of the Board
  • Providing leadership
  • Attending board meetings (currently scheduled every 6 weeks)
  • Participating on at least one committee (Usually one lunch time meeting per month)
  • Voting on issues that affect the membership
  • Communicating as a leader in the CAN (Communication Action Network)
  • Abiding by the Constitution and By Laws of TEAM


Additionally, at this time we are accepting nominations for the position of Pension Committee Representative.


The Pension Committee Representative serves for a three year term on a voluntary basis.  As the Pension Committee Representative you will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Attending Pension Committee meetings several times a year
  • Reporting to the Executive Board at least annually or as determined by the Board
  • Reporting to the Business Office after each Pension Committee meeting
  • The Pension Committee Representative can also be a member of the Executive Board