TEAM Times News September 18th 2009


To:           All TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Members
   Communications Committee
September 18, 2009
        TEAM Board in Brief

Board Meetings

Meetings are typically held every six weeks.  Upcoming TEAM Board Meetings and Event dates are posted on the TEAM website, and meeting minutes will be available online in the near future.

Constitution Committee

The TEAM Constitution Committee has undertaken a major review and revision of the TEAM Constitution, which hasn’t been amended since July 1997.  The proposed amendments to the constitution will be submitted to the membership in the form of a referendum.

Grievance Committee

We have successfully resolved a number of grievances and complaints and are pleased to report on Mr Ed Maxwell’s grievance.  While it is not TEAM’s policy to publish the names of grievors, Mr Maxwell has agreed to share with the membership the following statement from the settlement:

“A mutually satisfactory settlement to the Ed Maxwell Grievance has been reached between the parties. The settlement includes immediate reinstatement to the Duty Manager list. The settlement contemplates eventual appointment to a District Services Manager position in Brandon and was structured in consideration of the impact on other employees.”

 While a number of grievances and complaints have been resolved, there are a number of substantial complaints that we are trying to resolve with the Company.

 The Grievance Committee notes an increase in the number of complaints where bullying appears to have been a factor in creating a stressful work environment.  TEAM met with the Company to discuss the issue.  Following the meeting, TEAM submitted a proposal for the joint union-management development of an MTS Allstream Anti-Bullying Policy.  The proposal was favourably received, and we understand that the Respectful Workplace Policy will be expanded to include an anti-bullying section.  A further meeting has been scheduled.

Negotiations Committee

Our Collective Agreement expires February 19, 2010.  In preparation, a survey ‘Identifying the Issues’ will be sent out early next week. Your input is very important!

We are also looking for volunteers willing assist the Board and office with research and analysis.

Board Elections

Board Elections will be held this fall.