Urgent - Member Input Required July 6th 2009

The company is seeking to increase the agreed number of contractors in the workplace by 72%.  Before responding, we need your input.  We will be holding lunchtime focus groups for TEAM members:


Time & Date      -       Noon till 1pm, July 7 and 8 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Location             -      TEAM office board/training room, 200-1 Wesley Avenue, Winnipeg.
(RSVP is essential as space is limited)



The company and TEAM have had longstanding differences over contractors, with the company seeking the right to hire contractors without restriction, and TEAM seeking to protect the jobs of its members and maximize career development opportunities.  During the last round of contract negotiations (2007-2008), the company and TEAM agreed that the number of contractors be limited to 70, down from 90 in 2007.


To staff a proposed business project, the company is requesting that the number of contractors now be increased to 120 for a period of two years.  A key difference from past requests to increase contractor numbers is that this time, the company proposes to use some of these contractors to backfill for employees who will be assigned to the new project.  TEAM members working in information technology or business management type job functions are the two most likely employee groups to be affected.


Focus Groups

It is important that we, as employees and TEAM members, offer a considered response to the company’s request.  We neither want to jeopardize the success of the company’s project, nor our own interests.  During the focus sessions, TEAM’s Business Manager will explain the details of the company’s request, and its potential opportunities and consequences.  All members will have the opportunity to share their thoughts about opportunities for advancement, training, and other concerns.  The results of these focus groups will form the basis of TEAM’s response to the company.


If you would like to participate, please RSVP by clicking on one of the following session links:


Noon-1pm Tuesday July 7, 2009                Noon-1pm Wednesday July 8, 2009


Lunch will be provided.