More Manitoba jobs lost February 2nd 2007

A Message to All TEAM Members

February 2, 2007

It is with heavy hearts that we must inform you of the unnecessary layoff of 9 of our fellow members and coworkers this 2nd day of February, 2007. 

On October 2, 2006 the Consumer Markets Division targeted 54 multi-incumbent positions and 13 single-incumbent positions for a total of 67 targeted reductions in TEAM’s jurisdiction.  The reductions were billed by MTS Allstream Consumer Markets Division as representing an element of MTS Allstreams ongoing transition Phase II cost reduction.  In today’s announcement MTS Allstream again tied the need for layoffs to cost reduction initiatives.   

Our numbers indicate that 77 employees volunteered, 73 were accepted, and 4 were denied the VRIP and/or Voluntary Severance Payout.  MTS met its full reduction targeted number of 67 in TEAM’s jurisdiction, clearly exceeding that number by 6 and could have approved 4 more voluntary departures!   

We are at a loss to understand why MTS Allstream - Consumer Markets Division would proceed with a layoff of our members, your coworkers, when they were over subscribed with volunteers and exceeded their identified cost reduction needs. 

Furthermore, and just as disturbing, MTS Allstream - Consumer Markets Division BT & IT department laid off 5 employees while maintaining the employment of 62 high-cost contractors doing similar TEAM IT work. 

Moreover, in another area of the company, Corporate Sales targeted 3 positions for layoff while MTS Allstream - Consumer Markets Division has moved their large corporate customers over to the Enterprise Division of the company.  What is more alarming is Enterprise Solutions has recently hired 39 new salespeople to target the mid to large businesses in Canada.

Staff from the TEAM Office are in the process of contacting all our members/coworkers who were laid off and are offering any assistance that can be provided.  TEAM is committed to challenging all forced layoffs while members are denied voluntary retirement requests and contractors with inferior skills and ability are retained.  These layoffs come on the heels of what we believed was a meaningful dialogue with Mr Pierre Blouin in which TEAM emphasized our concerns about lay-offs and the use of contractors.


J. Larry Trach
Business Manager,
TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 

"TEAM is committed to keeping good, skilled jobs in our communities"